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Seeking Partners

Currently we are expanding into new target markets and we are looking to enroll new partners in the United States, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. These partners will act as Kechua's representatives and will promote Peru immersion programs in their respective region in return of a sales commision. We want to be closer to our clients to provide a much better service. We will refer students who contact Kechua directly to a representative closer to the students, so that our partners can answer any question and provide further assistance.

Business Opprtunity

Partners who sign up to represent Kechua, will receive a complete promotional package which includes tens of posters, brochures, registration forms and other advertising materials.
If you would like to take part in our Partner program, then please send us an email providing some background information about yourself, your organization, and why you think you have the right tools and ideals to take part in this program. We are looking for the following individuals or institutions, who also share our vision of opening Peru to the world:

  • Study Abroad Agencies

  • University International Offices

  • International Education Professionals

  • High Schools

Also, since Kechua is an institution founded and ran by young professionals, we welcome Peruvian students studying abroad, who would like to promote Kechua's programs at their schools and universities and receive an extra income to finance their education. We have a special Franchise Program for that you can promote our country and Kechua's ideals.

  Let's explore together the incredible,
  majestic lands of Peru!

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