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About Kechua

Kechua is a private International Study Center, register at the Ministry of Education, located in the most convenient place of Peru. Quechua, an original word of the Incas languague, is the dialect still used by more than 20 million habitants in South America. We provide knowledge experiences for young people from around the world. At Kechua we can guarantee that your experience in Peru will be adventurous, mistical and special. If you had always dreamed about studying abroad, learning Spanish as a second language, doing some practical trainning at a major company in a remote, beautiful and exotic place in the world, or if you had ever dreamed to take part in an arqueological expeditition or in a research trip into the Amazon, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Kechua was founded by young Peruvians who shared the vision of opening the incredible cultural and natural riches Peru has to offer to the world. After all, Peru is a country with pretty unique elements that melt together to offer a life-changing experience. Peru is the place on earth where one of the most advanced cultures of the ancient world existed. Peru is the birthplace of the Amazon river, the longest and most diverse ecosystem in the world.

We have partnered with several institutions in Peru and abroad to offer a whole range of quality services, so that your experience with Kechua is unforgettable. Among our partners we have the San Agustin National University, The Santa Maria Catholic Uiversity, The National Tourism Board Promperu, etc.

Kechua has been the winner at a national contest organized and sponsored by the major companies and international organizations in the country like the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, Nestle, the Swiss Cooperation Agency, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. Kechua was also the first prize winner of the tourism sector in this contest earning the recognition of the National Tourism Chamber and American Airlines.

Knowledge wil be the key competitive advantage of nations in the globalized economy.
Tom Peters, The Third Wave.